Sleepmax range of sleep systems aims to deliver refined comfort experience fostering sound sleep and great health. Sleep is the best form of meditation, and Sleepmax bestows a rejuvenating experience with an innovative range of products; specially designed for evolving demands. A flagship brand of Bhagwati Foam Industries, Sleepmax aspires to create crafted mattresses and complementing sleep accessories with state of the art technology and expertise in every aspect of production.

Sleepmax products are carefully designed to focus on individual needs to suit your lifestyle. Sleepmax has carefully designed exclusive mattress selections, ranging from economical to luxury product lines. No matter what, you are looking for: a soft, plush, firm, or a luxury mattress, Sleepmax has the right sleeping solutions for you.

Sleepmax Pillows and, other sleep accessories are developed to compliment the mattress, which promote restful sleep, resulting in fresh mornings!

With constant innovation and, development Sleepmax products are tested and created to ensure the highest standards of quality that deliver best night’s sleep. Experience the exclusive Sleepmax collection in a store near you, to start a great sleep journey.