Welcome to SleepMax

SleepMax range of mattresses aims to deliver refined sleep solutions, fostering sound sleep and great health. Sleep is the best form of meditation, and Sleepmax bestows a rejuvenating experience with an innovative range of products.

The Siesta series is skillfully designed to bring ultimate luxury to your everyday sleeping experience. The luxurious series of mattresses is a combination of crafted layers which ensure deliverance of the finest comfort and serene sleep. Experience sleeping in the lap of luxury with the Sleepmax Siesta series.

Latex Lush

Finest Luxury Mattress with Dual Side comfort.

Visco Grand

Magnificence of Memory Foam combined with a Stabilized Core.

Ortho Grand

Premium Back Support with comfort of Memory foam with Dual Side comfort.

One third of your life is spent sleeping; hence it’s important to sleep on a mattress that can suit your sleeping pattern. For overall well being and desired relaxation, the Comfort series is carefully segregated in three mattress categories with options to choose from: Soft, Medium or Firm to suit your lifestyle.

Soft Feel

A soft layered mattress for supple support

Blend Feel

A blend of soft and firm for dual support.

Firm Feel

A firm core mattress for strong support

A Wake well mattress makes certain you do ‘wake well’, giving you not just physical comfort but also peace of mind. Wake well series consists of a wide variety of mattresses, which provides just the right combination of comfort and support for good sleep, that’s right for your body.


A Dual Support Mattress ensuring the utmost comfort


Enhanced sleeping comfort with a stabilized core.


Exclusive high resilience core with unmatched durable comfort.


A Pocket friendly mattress created for optimum use


Specially created for optimum
spinal health.