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Sleepmax products come with a best-in-industry warranty of up to 10 years. The complete details of our warranty offerings can be found on the respective product page on our website. You can also refer to the warranty card provided along with the mattress for exact details

In case you encounter any issue while using our product, we recommend that you look up the product warranty details on your warranty card.

In the unlikely event of product failure, we will be happy to have it replaced or repaired. Kindly reach out to the Customer Support Team on 7045938899 or drop an email at support@sleepmax.co.in to inform us of your need.

Please note that warranty does not cover preference in comfort level.

  1. Warranty does not include damages resulting from improper usage.
  2. Warranty is applicable only if the mattress is used as per care and usage instructions.
  3. Warranty Guarantee is only limited to sagging or crumbling of the mattress.
  4. It does not cover fabric damage such as stains, color fading, bleeding, soils, burns, etc.
  5. If one mattress in a pair is sagged, only the sagged mattresses will be replaced.
  6. Warranty does not cover depression less than 1.5 inches
  7. Warranty does not cover preference in comfort level.
  8. The cost incurred towards complaint attendance and transportation of mattress to be borne by the customer.
  9. The time required for replacement of the product is subject to availability.
  10. The product features, specifications and guarantee terms are subject to change without any prior notice. If the product model gets discontinued or not available at the time of product service, company reserves the right to substitute the product or offer a refundon pro – rata basis.
  11. The decision of the company regarding the nature of the defect and applicability of this guarantee is final
  12. Any dispute is subject to Mumbai jurisdiction only.

Note: There might be a slight depression initially, as the mattress conforms to the shape of the body, this will not affect the comfort of longevity of the product.

Sleepmax Mattresses have a replacement guarantee as per model wise Guarantee period against manufacturing defects, applicable from the day of purchase. However, during the balance period, a pro- rata guarantee is applicable.

Calculation of Pro Rata Guarantee

Example: If a mattress worth 10,000 with a Guarantee of 10 years, is defected after 8 years, will

be calculated as:

10,000 x 2 years = 2,000 i.e Purchase price x Balance period of Guarantee

10 Total Guarantee

Use and Care Instructions Page:-

  1. Taking proper care of your mattress may enhance your sleeping experience during it’s lifespan.
  2. Following care usage tips will help to increase the life of your mattress
  3. Remove the plastic sheet and let your mattress breathe for some time, before putting sheets.
  4. Never bend, fold or curl your mattress to shift it in or out of room.
  5. Make sure your bed frame is accurate in size.
  6. Avoid stains, rips or liquids on your mattress. Use a mattress protector if a child is using the mattress.
  7. Don’t dry clean your mattress. Use a damp cloth or vacuum to clean your mattress. Don’t use cleaning chemicals or harsh soaps on your mattress.
  8. Don’t put mattress near flame or smoke.
  9. Don’t let anyone jump or stand on the mattress. Concentrated weight can spoil the mattress.
  10. Don’t put heavy objects on the mattress.
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